INSTANT PAYDAY NETWORK

Instant Payday Network is a free money making system where you can earn money without investing a penny. The system is a free system, where a marketer  gets paid for referring prospects to various Fortune 500 companies. The fortune 500 companies pays Express My Cash Freebies to promote their products and we get paid out of those proceeds.

The participant is asked to complete three steps. Step One is to sign up for a program known as Express My Cash Freebies .You will be asked to  to complete three steps. Step One is to sign up for a program known as Express My Cash Freebies.

When you go to the website, and sign up (see video), you are asked to complete as many offers by Fortune 500 companies that will allow you 1 full credit. There are free trial offers you can sign up for or paying one’s that you can sign up for.. You will need to fill out more free trial offers to get 1 credit though.

As you send referrals to the Express My Cash Freebies and they fill out a free trial offer that equals 1 credit then $20 is deposited to your PayPal account. These offers are for goods or services that you may want, or need anyway. They are not connected with the marketing training materials in the  Instant Payday Network system. In fact, the marketing and training materials is included in the system at no charge.

                             INSTANT PAYDAY NETWORK STEP 2

After Step One, then the participant is then asked to go to Step Two and sign up for what is known as Double My Cash Freebies. Here, you are again asked to complete as many offers that will allow you to get one full credit. On some offers, just one will get that credit for you.

Referrals to this section will receive a payment of $30 deposited to your PayPal account.  After completing Steps One and Two,  you will be set for life, as far as the credits are concerned.

In a nutshell, before you can put this referral program into effect, you are merely asked to preview some of the goods or services, under no obligation. So by completing both free offers your are now eligible to earn an income of $50 on both on a referral that completes both and for the Instant Payday Network system and training.

                          INSTANT PAYDAY NETWORK STEP 3

Finally, there is a third step, where you can download the marketing tools to create a sales funnel to put this program into operation. Jeff has created a fourth step inside Instant Payday Network but it is not necessary to participate since it is a paying product.

Here is a way to start your own online business with a free money making system and free training to show you how to advertise with free techniques. Click here to see a short video on Instant Payday Network.

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